【Chiikawa】Say it's cute!! Selfish and aggressive! But that's what's cute!? What kind of character is Momonga?

Hello everyone. I'm the Boss of Kawaii Republic, who usually doesn't say much selfishness.
Hello everyone~! I'm Saori of Kawaii Republic, and I usually don't say much selfishness either.
That's a lie, you often say selfish things.
Hey!! Don't reveal someone's private life! But characters who are selfish are really cute, aren't they? Like...... this kind of character!

【Chiikawa】Say it's cute!! Selfish and aggressive! But that's what's cute!? What kind of character is Momonga?

What is Momonga?

Momonga is a sub-character appearing in Chiikawa: Nanka Chiisakute Kawaii Yatsu.
With a fluffy appearance and incredibly cute white looks, Momonga makes a strong appeal for its cuteness to everyone it meets. However, its seemingly gentle appearance contrasts with its too unrestrained personality, insisting on its whims without any mercy.
Fans speculate that there may be a deep connection with a certain character within the work, but no details have been explicitly stated. (It's not Usagi, by the way.)
Basically, when Momonga appears, it persistently bothers someone or insists on its whims, causing almost 100% confusing situations and becoming the cause of trouble.
Momonga is shrouded in mystery, but its character is distinctive and cute, isn't it~!
Exactly! Some people may find it difficult, but since the degree of whim is low (not exaggerated), that's what's cute! There are fans of this character too! Although it's treated as a sub-character, recently many goods have been released, and it is also a character that has actively appeared on collaboration cafe menus and such~!
It's been appearing a lot in the currently airing anime too, right? If you don't know about Momonga or understand its charm yet, be sure to check out Momonga in the currently airing anime and manga!
Momonga (Chiikawa)
Chiikawa: Nanka Chiisakute Kawaii Yatsu

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