Privacy Policy

We acknowledge respecting and protecting customer information that is provided to us for our services and products as well as information about our employees in the firm in proper manner is our responsibility, hence we set forth our Privacy Policy as follows and we hold our employees accountable for complying with the policy.
Management of Personal Information
We establish the system to properly protect and manage Personal Information, set forth internal rules and policies for proper acquisition, utilization, and provision of Personal Information, and comply with them.
Acquisition and utilization of Personal Information
We clarify objective in acquisition and utilization of Personal Information, limit the use of Personal Information only to the specified objective, and implement measure to avoid unintended use.
Provision of Personal Information
We do not share nor disclose Personal Information to any third parties.
Security measures
We ensure security and accuracy of Personal Information by implementing proper protection scheme against risks of unauthorized access to, loss or damage of, defecting or leak of Personal Information.
Correspondence to grievance
We establish the desk to respond to grievance and consultation to our Privacy Policy and correspond properly.
Compliance with laws and regulations
We comply with laws, regulations, policies, guidelines set forth by Japan government with regard to management of Personal Information.
Continuous improvement in the Personal Information security management system
We establish the Personal Information security management system to properly protect Personal Information, conduct regular internal audit on the operation, and continuously improve it.
Change in Privacy Policy
We may change our Privacy Policy without advance notice. Please confirm the attest information on this page in using our services.
Request for disclosure of personal information and others
You have the right to request for disclosure of personal information and others such as notification or disclosure of purpose of use, correction, addition and erasure of the contents, suspension or erasure of use, and suspension of giving away to the third party. If you would like to request anything written above, please send us email via a Contact Us Form. Please request any of these after you have received the product that you purchased. We will take care of each case after we make sure that the customer actually receives the product safely via our website and that we identify each customer since those information are necessary when we ship the products.
If you have any inquiries or need further information about our Privacy Policy, please email us at our Contact Us Form.