【Mofusand】 In recent years, there's a rapidly rising popularity in Japan for Kawaii!! The very cute cat character goods!

Hello everyone. I'm Boss from Kawaii Republic, and I absolutely love cats❤.
Hello everyone. I'm Saori from Kawaii Republic. I remember Boss saying he liked dogs before, so I'm having trouble forgiving this sudden betrayal.
Sure, I like dogs, but I also like cats. So there's no problem at all. I've recently found a Kawaii cat character series that's been getting a lot of buzz in Japan, and I thought I'd introduce it to you!

【Mofusand】 In recent years, there's a rapidly rising popularity in Japan for Kawaii!! We're going to feature Mofusand, the very cute cat character goods, in great detail!

What is Mofusand?

Mofusand is a work featuring very cute cats that has attracted considerable attention in Japan over the past few years.
Mofusand is a group of characters, centered on cats, drawn by Juno-sensei, an active illustrator in Japan. The cats sometimes wear headgear, rollover, interact with other animals, and collaborate with other works, being very free-spirited.
Basically, there are no cats with specific names, and the term 'Mofusand' refers to the entire group of works where these cute cats are flocking together.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I know this series! They often dress up as sharks or fried shrimp, right?
Yeah, the shark and the fried shrimp are famous. I also see them on goods, but I always wonder why it's always a shark or fried shrimp......
I think it's okay not to worry about it because it's cute.
That's true. Let's not worry about it because it's cute.
The Mofusand series is really gaining popularity recently, so you'll see a lot of collaboration goods with other works! Everyone, by all means, please get fully healed with this cute Mofusand series!

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