【Chiikawa】Who is This Adorable Character? Meet the New Character, Used Bookstore (Kani-chan)!

Hello everyone. Today, it seems we'll be learning about a new character from Chiikawa, which is quite rare. I'm Boss from Kawaii Republic, and I'm really curious about what kind of character it is.
Hello everyone! Today, I want to talk about a new character recently added to Chiikawa, for whom a lot of new merchandise is being released. I'm Saori from Kawaii Republic!
It's quite rare for a new character to join Chiikawa! And this one is super cute! Since more merchandise has been coming out recently, let's definitely check it out!

【Chiikawa】Who is This Adorable Character? Meet the New Character, Used Bookstore (Kani-chan)!

What is Used Bookstore (Kani-chan)?

Used Bookstore (Kani-chan) is a cute character that was recently added to Chiikawa as a new character.
Originally a supporting character, like other mob characters, it was depicted in all grey without a face.
However, in the story, this character frequently appeared as a grey mob character and as a used bookstore clerk. Eventually, after deepening interactions with Momonga who came to buy old books, the character developed a personality, transitioning from grey to its current form.
As a result, there are illustrations of it together with Momonga, or taking care of the Momonga. Hence, this character is sometimes called “Used Bookstore,” and because it has something resembling crab claws on its head, it's also called “Kani-chan.”
The crab-like claws on its head are really cute.
That's right. There are even official merchandise items released where you can wear Kani-chan's claws (?) and they are super cute!
This is cute!
Recently, there has been a continuous release of new merchandise, and it's been featured in illustrations for new merchandise themes too. So I think more merchandise will be released going forward!!
Used Bookstore (Kani-chan)

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