【Sumikko Gurashi】 New Character Appears! Dreaming of Becoming an Idol and Getting Eaten?! Hardworking "Ebiten no Shippo" is Adorable!

Hello everyone. Today, it seems a new character has been added to Sumikko Gurashi, so let's check it out! It's adorable! Exciting! This is Boss from KawaiiRepublic.
Hello everyone~! This is Saori from KawaiiRepublic! Exciting, isn't it? I wonder what kind of character it is? I hope it doesn't have too sad a past......

【Sumikko Gurashi】 New Character Appears! Dreaming of Becoming an Idol and Getting Eaten!? Hardworking “Ebiten no Shippo” is Adorable!

Dreaming of becoming an idol and getting deliciously eaten!? A new single-minded and cute character, Ebiten no Shippo, has been added!

Ebiten no Shippo means...... as the name suggests, it's the tail end of a shrimp tempura. In shrimp tempura, the tail part sticks out a bit, and many people end up leaving that part behind.
Shrimp tempura itself is the most popular! So, they thought they'd be the first to be eaten...... but they were left behind and felt disappointed.
They were down, left behind...... but if they become an idol and get popular, they might get eaten! Ebiten no Shippo wiped away their tears and started to improve themselves! They're a brave and wonderful character!
How brave! Makes you want to cheer them on! It seems they're good friends with the other fried food team members in Sumikko Gurashi! From now on, Ebiten no Shippo's goods will be coming out one after another, so everyone, please buy the goods and support them!
Sumikko Gurashi

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